Veronica Ojeda Former Lover Of Diego Maradona – “We Once Had Sex in a Swimming Pool at a Party in Colombia…”, Reveals Sex Secret


Veronica Ojeda, the former lover and mother of the Argentine football legend’s child, Diego Maradona has been discussing her time with the Argentine icon. She said her former lover was a beast on the football field and also in bed too.

She revealed that he liked her to dress up as a policewoman during bedroom role play.

Maradona, Argentina’s greatest football player of all time has a son, Diego Fernando, with Ojeda. Ojeda has now revealed that Maradona, who she had an 8 year relationship with, was so good in bed that she didn’t have sex with any other man for two years after breaking up with him.

He was, however, as renowned for his antics off the field as those he produced on it, with Veronica Ojeda adding her memories of the 1986 World Cup winner to a remarkable tale.

“Diego was the best lover I had and he says the same thing about me,” Ojeda told an Argentine radio station.

“Nobody beats him. I didn’t have sex for two years after him.

“The best night of my life was with Diego. We were in the Caribbean, on a deserted beach you could only reach by boat.

“The love of my life was without doubt Diego. I’ve always said so. I give him 10 out of 10 in bed. Oral sex, on a scale of one to ten, eight. There was real passion between us.”

Veronica Ojeda at the pool

“We once had sex in a swimming pool at a party in Colombia which was full of people. I don’t know if anyone realised what was going on.”

While Maradona can revel in his billing as one of the world’s finest lovers, Ojeda’s comments have not been well received by everyone, with Diego’s eldest daughter Dalma hitting back at the revelations.

She said: “It makes me really ashamed to hear things like that. It’s totally unnecessary. It’s the lowest of the lowest of the low.”

“She might not have said anything bad about my dad but I just think it was unnecessary to say it.”


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