How to Handle Multiple Marriage Proposals


Marriage is an issue that must be addressed with all sense of maturity and carefulness. In the recent time handling multiple marriage proposals has become very tasking and challenging especially among single preparing for marriage. Multiple marriage proposals have made many singles miss out completely from marrying the right person.


A lot of people were bruised, deceived, confused and throw into the state of dilemma because of this issue. This Article may not be able to draw back these marriages, personalities, visions and purposes that had been disfigured but will go a long way to re-directing the minds of our youths on the best way to handle the issue of multiple marriage proposals. however for better comprehension,

This issue will be approached in two dimensions.

First Dimension :

The spiritual dimension: For any marriage to see the light of the day it must first be founded on the solid rock and that is Jesus. It is often said that the spiritual controls the physical. In marriage, this assertion is true. A marriage will experience very serious storms if it is not built on a solid foundation. Therefore in dealing with multiple marriage proposals you must invite God first.

The chances of choosing a very wrong person when suitors are many are inevitable when God is not involved. Sometimes I tell people that what you think, what God is saying in most cases is not what God is saying to this end, it becomes much mere pertinent that you give yourself time to tell God about the situation. God is not the author confusion; He will always prove himself great. The essence of the prayer is not to tell God about just one of them. It is time to allow God to work it out.

Many youths missed it at this point; some rushed into and rushed out of it after few years. Like i keep telling singles, that which you are being in a haste to taste will get to a time when tasting it becomes a burden. So why rush into it without God. We are just but mere men with a creator. No matter how educated you are, you are still behind God. You can’t tell exactly what the future holds for you. Therefore in handling the numerous proposals especially those that sound very spiritual,God must come in.

The problem with so many youths today is that they do not know how God answers their prayers. So many had approach me asking me how God answers this kind of prayer, prayer for the right person. The way God answers this kind of prayer is the way He answers your usual prayers. If God uses peace of mind to answer you in the past, He will still answer you in that dimension. You will just discover amidst all of them just one, your mind is at rest with.

Any marriage contract you enter and your mind still fret and wonders, about it, is a wrong one. So to avoid it, follow the one you have peace with.

Similarly, as a person your religious state can also be seen as a screening filter for shedding off the one’s  that are not needed. It is an aberration for a born-again child of God to consider an unbeliever for marriage.. So, if any is not born again it is a fast way to relieve yourself of such person.

Second Dimension :

Physical Dimension : The proposal after passing the spiritual test should also be allowed to face the physical test. Certain physical criteria like education, vision, physical look,and nativity can be employ for proper screening. Note that the essence of this is not to get a perfect person but to identify with somebody you can proudly spend the rest of your life with.

The person you should marry is somebody having a vision. Not just someone having a vision but someone whose vision you can compliment. Never marry somebody whose vision is contrary to your vision. It could be very frustrating and disappointing. Education can also serve as filtration criterion depending on what you want as an individual.

Another very important physical criterion is physical outlook. Don’t ever consider the issue of pity in handling marriage proposals. You don’t marry out of pity, you marry because you actually love the person. There’s no problem in checking the physique of the person, how he/she looks, how fat, slim, short or tall the person is. All this should be considered. Marry somebody you like, some one who can compliment your weakness.

Marriage is not a game of soccer. The game of soccer has stipulated timing when it will be over but marriage is such without time. Marriage is timeless agreement to be with a person until death do you pass. It is the only institution without graduation. So why marry somebody you will keep regretting about?


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