4 Top Things Every Wife Wants From Her Husband


Women generally love good things. They like to be happy all the times. By nature they are easily glued to men with attribute of happiness who can keep them continuously thrilled and not men whose presence exude boredom. Therefore to keep them in perpetual bliss the following should be done for them.

1. Be man enough for her: 

Any man that cannot feed his family is not worth a man. As a man you are supposed to          provide whatsoever the home requires for growth and up keep. The Holy book maintains        that if any one provide not for his own, and especially of his own house, he has denied the      faith, and is worse than an infidel. Where the home lack nothing, everyone in that home        will be happy especially wives and children. Don’t allow the wife to be the provider of             everything the home needs, the home hardly know peace. Any seeming peace in such           home is built on pretense. The duty of the woman is to assist in the home and not to take     charge of the provision of everything in the home. Therefore when the man meets the           challenges of providing the needs of the family, he gets the full love, submission and             cooperation of the wife.

2. Eulogies her:

It is expected that you give your wife some quality praise as she dresses up everyday.        Wives earnestly desire their husbands to praise their outlook. It is your duty as                      husband to tell your wife how fabulous she is and appreciate her dress, hair style, good          colour combination, makeup etc Learn to use phrase like, you are sweet, you are                  charming, I love you. This will go a long way to making her feel elated. Don’t forget you        should also extol her manner and style of cooking.

3. Express your love:

Tell them in words and in action that you love them. Learn to admire and hug your                wife before and after the day’s work. Being free to give her a kiss shows the extent of            your affection for her. So do these as often as you can to keep the flame of love                    burning . While on bed, tell her that she is cool. This will make her feel on top of the world      and give you whatsoever you desire from her.

4. Share Conversation Together :

Generally women talk more than men. By nature, they like talking and hearing sweet            words. As husband at your leisure time, have conversation with your wife because that is      the reason why your are her mate. Avoid the use of command and abusive, insulting              words. You are expected to ask whatsoever you want in humility and simplicity of heart.        Learn to crack jokes with her and she will be happy . Telling of sweet stories is also very        imperative in making your wife happy. Tell her about what happened in your work place        or the story of an interesting event you are aware of.

When all this is added to your relationship then be certain that your love for her will flourish.


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