Man Disappointed Over His $2500 Sex Doll After He Tried to Have Different Sex Styles, Shares Grievance On Social Media


A man who bought his own sex doll has posted his disappointment on his facebook wall and from this experience he will have to resort to real women because his female sex doll broke during a particularly freaky sexcapade.

Karess Lawary went on Facebook to rant after the sex doll he spent so much to buy broke before he was done enjoying the money he spent on it. In the photo shared online, not only is the doll’s leg broken, the hand is also broken and the vagina looks a mess. 

Karess Lawary’s post has gone viral on social media with over 24,800 shares and thousands of comments. Most of the commenters mocked him for choosing a doll over a human.

Man breaks his $2,500 sex doll while trying to get it to bend in different positions during sex



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