Video: Newborn Baby Girl Miraculously Survives after Being Buried For Seven Hours


Brazil: A newborn indigenous baby girl in Brazil who was wrongly thought to have died at birth but was dug out of a shallow grave survived seven hours of being buried alive by her family.

The infant child was born around midday to a 15-year-old Brazilian indigenous Indian girl. The young mother said she was alone in the bathroom when her contractions started.

According to her, the little girl arrived quickly and fell onto the bathroom floor hitting her head and suffering two cranial fractures.

After the baby failed to cry after being born, the 57-year-old great grandmother allegedly told police she believed the baby was dead. She claimed she followed indigenous Indian tribal customs and wrapped the girl in a cloth and buried her in the backyard after her great-granddaughter ‘showed no signs of life’

According to police, the family admitted failing to report the baby’s death but ‘believed they were following traditional customs’ so did not hesitate to point out where the unmarked grave was.

Incredible footage shows two police officers on Tuesday night kneeling over a hole to bring out the baby girl out of the shallow grave after being buried alive for seven hours.

Newborn baby girl thought to have died at birth survives being buried alive for 8-hours (Photos/Video)

The tot was rushed to hospital with paramedics clearing her airways and administering oxygen in the ambulance.

According to Mirror UK, Doctors transferred her to intensive care following tests and scans and said the resilient child is making good progress despite her traumatic start to life.

Watch the video below.


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