New Nokia 3310, Comes With Larger Color Display.

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Nokia, once the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world suffered a spectacular fall from grace after its ill-fated decision to eschew Android in favor of Windows Phone. Now Nokia is coming back and not only are they set to release Android powered smartphones, they are about to revive one of the most iconic phones ever to hit the market.

HMD Global, the Finish company tasked with Nokia’s revival is set to reveal the 2017 refresh of the iconic 3310 at MWC 2017 in Barcelona and it has got the whole tech world in a frenzy despite being just a ‘dumb’ feature phone.

The Nokia 3310 is not only one of the largest selling phones in the world but is famous for its legendary build quality, earning it ‘The Tank’ moniker.While till now, we have been almost entirely in the dark regarding the 3310, a new report has shed some light on the heavily anticipated device.

First and foremost, the Nokia 3310 will remain a feature phone and will not be running Android in any way. This is great news as the past few weeks have seen certain bizarre renditions of the device running Android all over the internet.

Secondly, the design of the smartphone will not be too much of a radical departure from the original 3310, with the device only being thinner and lighter. Additionally, unlike the original phone, which came with a 84×84 black and white display, the 2017 refresh will sport a larger color display, albeit a not very high resolution one.

Lastly, the device is said to be launched in multiple color variants such as red, yellow and green.

A feature phone in 2017?

While on the outset, a feature phone in 2017 doesn’t make much sense. But when you think about it, the mind-blowing battery life, tank like build quality and the affordable price point makes a feature phone such as the Nokia 3310 an excellent option for a secondary smartphone and even as a primary device for those who are sick of the hyper connected world we live in.

Also, the Nokia 3310 will come with ‘Snake’ and ‘Space Impact’, which arguably are the best mobile games ever made.

Price and availability

The new Nokia 3310 is set to be priced at EUR 59 (Roughly Rs 4,000 and N30,000 ) and will be unveiled alongside the Nokia 3, the global variant of the Nokia 6 and the flagship Nokia 8 on February 26 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Source : India today



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