Facebook Finally Adds ‘Dislike’ button “THUMBS DOWN” Only in Group Chats


AFTER years of begging, bitter Facebook users have been handed a “dislike” button – but it’s not where you’d think.

A new thumbs down reaction is available on Messenger, so you can let someone know exactly what you think of them.

You can already give people a thumbs down in Messenger

Facebook wants you to attach emojis to your friends’ messages the same way you do with News Feed posts.

You can currently like, love or show you’re sad about public posts.

And now Facebook is trialling the same reactions in chat threads where there are more than two recipients.

That means you can react to pals’ messages. And this time, you can give them a big old thumbs down, according to Tech Crunch

It will only be available to a select few at the moment.

It’s not clear when it will be rolled out to the entire social network.


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