California Department of Motors Vehicles Considers the Driver-Free Car Tests

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The long awaited driveless car have been in the news of recent and there have been a lot of expectation on how efficient it will be.

According to Google’s driverless car company, Waymo said that in 2016 it drove 636,000 miles in the state and required 124 human interventions.

This was down from 341 in 424,000 miles in 2015.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is considering new regulations to allow the driverless cars without back-up drivers to be tested on its roads.

Currently 27 manufacturers have a permit to test autonomous vehicles in California.

However there must always be a human being in the car.


The new proposals include a framework for how the testing would work and also what would be required by manufacturers to make the vehicles available outside the tests.

According to Jean Shiomoto, director of the California Department of Motor Vehicles. He said that

“These rules expand our existing autonomous vehicle testing programme to include testing vehicles where no driver is present.”

“This is the next step in eventually allowing driverless autonomous vehicles on California roadways.”

The department is now inviting written feedback until 24 April.


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