David Beckham talks family, fashion and his fears for the future in an uncertain world as he launches menswear store

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What “colours” is he wearing? Which boots? These things are “important”.

At the peak of his footballing fame he thought about “how I looked after a game, how I looked on my way to a game”. Presentation is key “whether it’s my hair, the shoes, the clothes; whether it’s a pair of jeans or a tracksuit”.

Even as a child he was more interested in fashion than his sisters. While one sister pawed photos of Wham!, his first album was Culture Club, with a picture of Boy George in mauve lipstick and hair rags.

So no one should be surprised that he has bought a stake in Kent & Curwen, a menswear brand formerly of Savile Row, and planted it in Covent Garden.

It’s the latest acquisition by his company Seven Global, which he co-owns with Simon Fuller.

Separately he invests in his wife’s fashion brand, Victoria Beckham, and his stated new career direction is to “own and build businesses”.

The label has been around since 1926, a sort of glorified school outfitters dressing England’s cricketers, the rowing teams of Oxford and Cambridge and the military, and providing wardrobe for the Oscar-winning film Chariots of Fire.

Beckham has overseen a revamp, hiring the Irish designer Daniel Kearns (previously of John Galliano and Alexander McQueen) to give a “rebellious twist” to the preppy stripes, V-neck jerseys and Ascot scarves (“it’s not a cravat”).


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