Hey Girls, This Are 4 Signs That He Is Head Over Heels In Love With You


When speaking of the four signs that he is head over heels in love with you it is important to realize that most men do love their women. One of the best questions to ask your friends can be found right here on this review! That question is how to know if he is crazy for you to the point that he cannot live without you. For years and decades women have been playing in that question from the left side of their brains to the right side of their brains searching for that invisible answer. Why are we referring to this question and answer as an unseen quandary? It all boils down to one single word, love.

Please see below and have a look at not only the list but the information contained within this brief summary of the four signs for head over heels lover-boys.

  1. Can’t Stop Being Around You
  2. Will not Stop Calling You
  3. Buying Little Gifts and Bringing You Flowers Wherever You May Be
  4. Tells You he Loves You At Least 100 Times A Day

The ability to decipher whether or not a man is head over heels in love with you is something that should be treasured forever in your heart. Men are normally just stand-offish creatures that have this propensity for concealment even when it is something as important as loving you. It is so cool when a man loves a woman and that should be advertised and shouted out from the highest of rooftops and plateaus. It is not every day that a woman can convince a man that he loves her so much he can’t stop talking about her, writing about her, living vicariously through her eyes his own life just to have a glimpse of her soul.

Start Looking at Breaking it Down

With so much love in the air it is important to start looking at breaking it down so that we know what’s going on with that man and why he is so head over heels in love with this woman, you. When he can’t stop being around you and he can’t stop calling you those are two of the biggest signs that he may like you a wee-little more than you could have ever imagined. If you keep finding pretty little strange notes on your car, at your house or even at your place of employment it is a good sign that he loves you.

Separation Injunction

If he suddenly stopped doing all the above mentioned things that means you need to put the separation injunction on and make him work his way back to your loving embrace. If he resorts to telling you that he loves you then you have two options in which to take and both are ending up pretty well for you and him as we see it. Eventually almost immediately he will be on the phone or at your door wondering what’s wrong and asking you for a goodnight kiss and maybe something totally out of left-field.


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