Jealous Husband Chop Off Wife Hands with Machete, Accused Her Of Cheating on Him On the Computer


A 26-year-old Russian husband attacked his wife by chopping off both hands because he believes she was cheating on him.

According to local reports, Dmitry Grachyov, attacked his young wife Margarita after suspecting she was carrying out an online affair. He butchered her hands so badly that she needed a “highly complex” nine-hour operation to reconnect one hand. Unfortunately, the other hand was too damaged to be fixed, say doctors in Russia. Her arms were also affected.

The couple have been married five years and have two children, sons aged three and four. Before attacking her, Dmitry demanded she be tested on a lie detector. She agreed but he mutilated her anyway, said police.Man chops off his wifeSpeaking of the way the attack was carried out, police said Dmitry took the mother of his two children, to a forest after accusing her of being unfaithful. Before he chopped off the hands, he first used an axe to strike her fingers as he sought to torture her into a confession, but she denied his accusations, say reports based on police sources. He then severed one hand followed by the other.Hawa Akhter has said she will continue her studies, despite the horrific attackWith blood gushing from both arms, Dmitry drove his wife to the hospital and gave himself up to police, according to reports in Moscow.
Man chops off his wifeThe attack came as a shock to friends who saw the couple as “close and loving.






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