A Letter to our Dear Husbands’ and Future Husbands’

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Dear Husband
The scars and stretch marks on your wife’s stomach symbolizes the pain that comes with Motherhood,  it symbolizes love and life.

Remember how beautiful she was when she was your newly wedded wife, she is still the same woman you fell in love with! The difference now is, she has given children, she has giving you life,  she has blessed you with a family.

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Don’t ignore your woman, appreciate every stretch marks and scars that comes with motherhood. Don’t leave your woman because of her tummy because that was where she housed your sons and daughters for months.

The scars and stretch marks represent her love for you, the pain she went through in the delivering room is a proof of her undying love for you.

Dear husband? Don’t make her go through any more pains, please don’t hit her, don’t nag,  don’t  insult her body.

Appreciate her and show her more love.
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