11 Things All Ladies Must Stop Doing; Its an Abomination Not Love


1. Living in the same room or sleeping on the same bed with a man who has not married you; (this is abomination).

3. Wearing the engagement ring of a man who doesn’t even know your parents or house; (You are wasting your time & blocking God’s blessing).

4. Using your boyfriend’s picture as your profile picture on social network, thus blocking serious and potential suitors; (that is a serious /destiny mistake).

5. Giving your virginity or submitting your crown to a man who has not married you. (You have wasted your glorious destiny & lost your dignity in life)

6. Cooking food regularly and washing clothes for your boyfriend; (Slavery attitude: that’s starting what you cannot finish even in marriage).

7. Disobeying your parents for the sake of a man you are dating. (It is Stupidity; Are you out of your mind? Why can’t you convince them through GOD intervention ).

8. Giving sex to a man simply because he promised to marry you; (Haba! Na you be the oldest woman for this life? It is the loss of your soul & giving up on God)

9. Sending your Unclad pictures to your boyfriend or romantic postures with him either; (shame on you, that is what he will use against you anytime you said it’s over).

10. Why will a boyfriend beat you and you will still be saying that you can’t do without him; (hmm, you need deliverance. This is not love. It is the foundation to a painful future).

11. When a man keep cheating on you and you still say that you can never leave him, (Hmm, you need prayers ‘cos you’ve started digging your grave)

Note: Don’t be too desperate in the matter of relationship; as you are desperate to read other numbers and you did not notice that number (2) is missing above.
Relationship is more than catching fun now.


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