How to know You’re in Bed With Someone Who May Cheat

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When entering into a relationship, most times it’s a leap of faith as you can never truly know what will unfold down the line.

Most people’s biggest fear is being cheated on by the person they’ve given their heart to.

But how can you know if you’re in bed with a cheater?

Here are six personality traits you should look out for that are common in cheaters.

Obsessively suspicious

Takes one to know one right?

It is said that most people who cheat think everyone cheats. So if your partner is overly suspicious of everything you do, it could be because they are also up to no good.


Narcissists are egotistical, self-absorbed, manipulative, and generally lack empathy.

It can be difficult to spot it in a partner, especially during the early part of a relationship.

However, if your partner consistently displays the above-listed traits, you should probably be on your guard against the possibility of infidelity.


Persistent flirtatiousness can be a strong indicator of future infidelity.

People who flirt a lot like to give and receive attention, sometimes at the expense of their partners’ feelings.


If your partner demonstrates greed in many of his or her dealings with others, it could be a sign of future infidelity.

This is especially true if their greed is paired with a “grass is always greener on the other side” mentality.


A certain amount of self-doubt can be reasonable and healthy but a partner with deep insecurities can be a real problem.

This is especially true regarding infidelity. In most cases, deep feelings of insecurity stem from large reserves of pain, and unfortunately, some people are willing to cheat on their partner to soothe this pain for a while.


A lack of impulse control is common among many cheating partners.

Extremely impulsive people sometimes lack the discipline to make kind and loving choices.

But like many of the traits on our list, impulsiveness doesn’t guarantee infidelity all by itself.

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