How NYSC Negatively Affects Already Established Romantic Relationships


Let take sometime to  talk about how  camping for NYSC and the whole service year negatively affects romantic relationships

NYSC camp gates will be thrown open  tomorrow, Thursday, April 19, 2018. Batch A stream I corp members will understandably be raring to just go to their respective camps.

Of course topics such as safety in camp, good behavior, how to get redeployed and exempted will be the buzzing terms.

But one sub-theme that often goes undiscussed is how NYSC camps and the whole scheme negatively affects romantic relationships.

Ladies and gentlemen; NYSC camps, as terribly maintained as they mostly are, are temptation islands and you’ll be surprised at how many relationships never survive the three weeks let alone the whole service year.

There’s no batch without reports of people, sometimes married/engaged, caught in the act of indulging in sneaky sex in the bushes or other secret spots in camp.

Recall the married lady that was caught in Plateau state just a while back.

And this is where things get interesting; when you are caught having sex or doing any other thing that warrants a dismissal, NYSC officials are required to call your registered next of kin, to tell them of the dismissal.

What do you think will happen to that relationship if the next-of-kin is the lady’s husband or fiancée?

That’s what happened to another married woman caught in Ebonyi state camp in November 2016, says Fred , a serving corps member in the state.

Fred tells of how the lady was caught having sex with another corper, and after being notified of her dismissal alongside the guy, it was the same husband she'd just cheated on who came to pick her.

I’ll leave you to imagine the awkwardness of that long ride home, and what later became of the marriage.

Apparently there’s something about NYSC camps and the whole service year that allows for bonds to be created regardless of the relationships corp members had before they got called up to serve their father land.

It's akin to what we saw on Big Brother Naija 2017 , when housemates were separated from their partners for such a long time.

They were put in the same space with members of the opposite sex and it was not long before the place got charged with sexual tension that found release in several inappropriate ways.

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