Five tips to note before breaking up with your lover


There comes a time in a relationship when you just have to call it a day, and somehow, it’s not the act of breaking up that is dwelled upon in years to come, but the manner in which it was done.

It’s best to end things amicably so you don’t have any regrets afterwards when your head is clear.

Here are five tips to make breaking up easier.

Treat them how you’d want to be treated

Humans are naturally selfish so it’s no surprise that when you want to break up, you’ll only think of how it affects you.

Everyone will do the break up and be dumped at some points in their lifetime, so before you approach the matter, think of how you would want to be treated if the tables were turned.

Don’t break up in public

Some people plan to break up in a public place because they feel their partner wouldn’t want to cause a scene in front of people after receiving heartbreaking news.

But the reverse is the case. They would feel embarrassed and not know how to properly express their sadness which can in-turn lead them to despise you.

Don’t use cliché lines

We all know the cliche lines — ‘It’s not you, it’s me’.

Saying such impersonal words will make your partner feel like the relationship never meant anything to you.

It’s best to offer the truth (regardless of how much it may hurt) as to why you want to end the relationship.

Be nice

Your partner may have continuously offended or hurt you and that may be why you want to end things — but take a breath.

In the heat of the moment, uncontrolled emotions may cause you to say things you may later come to regret.

Breaking up in a mature way is more for your inner peace than it is for the person you’re breaking up with.

Prepare for anything

It’s one thing to break up and it’s another to handle the reaction.

People respond to break up in different ways — crying, anger, harsh words, etc.

It’s best to prepare your mind for any possible outcomes so you don’t get caught off guard and have a change of heart because of pity or fear.

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