Labori Sub County authority Intervene in a Husband Beating, by Wife Who Claims Is Her Own Way of Disciplining Him For Alcoholism, in Uganda


A 47-year-old man in Serere District, Uganda has reported his wife to the Labori Sub County authorities seeking for help after he was beaten in a domestic brawl.

Peter Oloko (pictured) who sustained minor injuries on his face, accused his wife Loyce Ayiko before the Sub County Community Development Officer of beating him more often even when he remorsefully asks for forgiveness from her.

“I came back home late at night, when I asked my wife to serve me food, she wrestled me down, I staggered to find some stamina since I was drunk in order to ask forgiveness from her, but instead she hauled a knife at me,” Mr Oloko reported to the Sub County authorities.

The father of six said that although as a husband he has a weakness of drinking, he has never been harsh to his wife not even for a single day.

“I have been reserving my woes until this time when I feel I cannot endure this torture anymore,” Oloko said.

Oloko said that he reached out to the brother in-law seeking for any possible help but nothing changed.

“I am today here at the office of the community development officer for the third day, perhaps he can help me find a solution to my errant wife,” he said.

When asked, Ms Ayiko, told this reporter that she only reigns in to discipline her husband whenever he comes back home late and drunk.

“He leaves home early for drinking, he doesn’t accompany me to the garden, yet he wants to eat,” she said, adding that as a wife, she needs the company of the husband in the night but, Oloko comes back too drunk and fatigued to do anything.

Ms Ayiko said that despite her continued efforts to lure her husband to church such that he can perhaps stop over-drinking, Oloko has refused.

“The only solution left for me is to always discipline him myself,” she vowed.

Mr Mathias Elau, the Community Development Officer (CDO) Labori Sub County confirmed receipt of the complaint from Oloko and promised to enter into their matter soon.

“I am yet to convene a meeting to have their matter settled.”

He said he receives over five cases of domestic violence every week, the latest involving the 83-year-old man and his wife, 80, who have been cohabitating and are now seeking a legal separation after one accused the other of infidelity.

-Daily Monitor

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