How To Know Your Relationship Is an Unhealthy One and Time to Let Go


The objective of every relationship should be marriage, if it isn’t then there is something seriously wrong with it. If you are no longer excited about getting married to your partner then your relationship will not last. The desire to get married to your partner is one of the major things which binds you together. If your relationship has been toned down and you have become just friend; Your relationship will not last long.

The only kind of person who want to live with pain is probably an insane person. We all want to be with people who want to make us feel good about ourselves. We want people who brings out the best in us to be closet to us. We don’t want to be with people who makes us to feel bad about ourselves or lives in general. If you are in a relationship with someone who puts you down or constantly cause you pain, You will live a horrible life. If you feel you are not good for this person, therefore he/ she does things which hurts your feelings and never changes such behaviour, you are in an unhealthy relationship. It is time to come out.

Dissatisfaction is a sign that there is something within you which is superior to your present situation and you want to experience it. When you begin to feel that your relationship could be better than what it is, your life could be more fun and you could have more from life generally, you will want to break out from present relationship. The more dissatisfied you become the more irritated you get with the relationship. If you are always irritated with your partner, then it is time to let go. Dissatisfaction is a sign you should never ignore because the more you try to ignore it, the worst it becomes. The easiest way out of a sense of dissatisfaction is to find the source of your dissatisfaction and eliminate it from your life. It may come from your church,job, and group of friends, business associates,career or your partner.

It is Insanity to keep on associating with the source of your dissatisfaction and expect your feelings to get better. You can not change anybody, so the only option left to you is to move away from the source of your constant feeling of dissatisfaction. Never try to force yourself to feel good about something, someone or situation which makes you feel bad. As long as you are not the source of these negative feelings,then you should disassociate yourself from whatever is creating the feeling of dissatisfaction in you.

You deserve to be happy. Never settle for less than the happiness you truly deserve in your life. Do all it takes to ensure and protect your happiness because you want to stay in a relationship that is driving you nuts. Choose your happiness and let your relationship go.

Diminishing interest in your partner is an indication that your relationship is unhealthy and you should let it go. If your interest is in your job,career and studies but you have no time in your mind for your partner, Your relationship is unhealthy one. You can not coerce your partner to become the major in your life when he or she doesn’t feel like it, neither can your partner pressurize or intimidate you to become relevant in his or her life when your interest lies elsewhere. Diminishing interest is a sure signal that your relationship is headed for the dumps.

Another pertinent one is when your partner put you down. Your partner doesn’t see the good in you. The focus is always on your weakness and mistakes. You are never forgiven because the same issues are repeated until you feel like you are under a siege. There are certain things about yourself that you can not change, they are not bad in themselves but they may create a compatibility challenge with your partner. If these issue can not be resolved, you feel like the one causing  problems in the relationship and end up feeling bad about yourself. If you and your partner can not see the good in each other, then it is time to let go.

You also know a relationship which will not work when you no longer care. You were once interested in the issues that concerned your partner’s feeling. His or her dream no longer excite you as they once did. If your partner is experiencing a difficult time at work, school or business to solve those issues and you shouldn’t be bothered by any of it. Lack of interest  in your partner’s welfare is a sign that you both are not compatible and the relationship will naturally end.

If you are always bored with with your partner, it is a sign that your relationship may not work. You don’t like spending time with your partner because every moment with him or her is like torture to you. Talking with each other used to be fun but now you find it difficult to hold a conversation for a few minutes. Your head seems empty of words and ideas.

Any form of addiction to your partner is a signal that your relationship is unhealthy one. Love is great if it exist in your relationship but when it becomes an addiction to your partner because of money or sex, you are in unhealthy relationship and you should re-evaluate it before you get hurt. I have seen people who tell themselves that they are in love with a particular person but their actions showed that they were addicted to that person in an unhealthy way. If you feel your world will come crashing down on you the moment your partner leaves you, then you are addicted to this person.

The truth is that your life does not depends on anyone to go on. Your joy,happiness,peace of mind is not dependent on your partner. If he or she is the source of your joy or the reason why you feel good about yourself, then you are in an unhealthy relationship. You should love but not to worship your partner. Feeling that you can not live without your partner is like enthroning him or her in your life as demi-god.

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