7 Good Ways To Catch The Attention Of Your Man Without Looking Desperate


If you’ve been trying to get the attention of a guy for a while, but with no success, don’t give up! When you’ve exhausted all the tricks in the book that you know of and he still won’t take any notice of you, try some of these attention grabbing tips and, whatever you do, don’t look desperate.

1) Work on the wardrobe: Elegant and sophisticated is the order of the day, if you want to attract a man. The best men appreciate femininity, but not over the top.

2) Are you smiling? Some days are tough and you might not feel like smiling, but no one’s going to approach a girl with a grim look on her face. Don’t scare him off by looking like you’re in a bad mood all the time, smile when he’s around and show how much fun you can be.

3) Compliment him: The easiest way to flirt with a guy is to give him a compliment. Guys just love to be complimented and he will be over the moon that you noticed something about him, so go ahead and make his day. He’ll remember that you did.

4) Catch his eye: Eye contact will show him that you’re interested and it will get his attention. Look a little coy about it though, and don’t stare. Just catch his eye, across the room, and then look away again, and he won’t be able to ignore you for long.

5) Be around when he’s around: Are you admiring him from afar? If you are, then you need to get in a bit closer, because of ‘can’t see you around’, he’s never going to notice you. Don’t pay him too much attention, just be around when he is and, eventually, his curiosity will get the better of him and he’ll want to know more about you.

6) Ask for his help: Men love playing the role of provider and protector, and they are always willing to lend a helping hand to a girl in distress. Ask him to help you with a problem at work or just ask him to unscrew the cap on a bottle, anything you can come up with, so he can show how manly he is, and it will help put you firmly on his radar.

7) Be confident in yourself: Be quietly confident, not too brash and loud, and your mysterious confidence will have him intrigued. You know that you can’t wait to find out more about him, but don’t give that away now. If anything, keep the hard to get approach going (but don’t overdo it), that will attract him far more than desperation.

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