6 Important Reasons Why Women Love Their Men


Many men feel that women are hard to understand, meanwhile some say they are difficult to please but this the top Six things women love in their men. Check this out and you will not regret learning from this tips.

  1. The most important attribute of a gift lies in eagerness. From a woman’s point of view, the best gift is plain but not flashy or exaggerated. There was a husband that took a special collection of valentine cards and was ready to send to his wife at any moment. When she was in a bad mood, he put a card on the place where she might find it, which makes his wife very happy.
  2. Many women are really afraid that they are not so beautiful. Women need specific praise: “I like that haircut,” or “You look great in red clothes.” Giving this compliment to women can encourage them to pay attention to toilette (the process of attending to your personal appearance and making it presentable), and that makes love constantly fresh.
  3. Women also attach importance to their work and career. Women want their husbands to attach importance to their work as husbands attach importance to their own work. Every time when she talks about her work, the husband should listen carefully. Needless to say, the feelings between both sides will be better because of good communication in this regard.
  4. Women need men patiently listen to their speaking. The aim of talks of men is to research question or debate the right and wrong ways to find a solution. To get this aim, a man may repeatedly interrupt a woman’s talk to make her understand his intention. However, a woman would prefer a man listening to her amicably rather than often airing his opinion. Women like speaking until they restore them to feel comfortable.
  5. Unlike men, women are not easy to fall in love. Women usually pay more attention to practical factors when having a dating. Women may long for love, but they still ask themselves a few questions (such as: Is the man reliable enough?) constantly before falling in love. Thus, men should not only pay attention to their hair, clothes and manners, but also be honest and have reliable character.
  6. Women want to make friends with their husbands. A woman wants a man to look her as a same status, respect her Excellencies, and be tolerant to her weaknesses.

In short, she needs a partner which can comprehend her. So i believe that this will go a long way in strengthening your relationship.

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