10 Real Signs A Woman Really Loves You.


1. She chats with you and call you:
If a lady does not call you or manages to reply your chats with ‘ok’, ‘yeah’, ‘good’, ‘hmmmm’., run ooo. But if a woman calls you just to hear your voice and is always
anticipating your chat messages, she is sure in love with you.

2. Inquisitive about your personal life.
If a woman loves you, she would want to know everything about you. Why would a woman who does not love you, ask about whom you are? If a woman is not interested in knowing anything about your personal life, then she has
no single feelings for you, just run ooo.

3. She laughs at your silly jokes:
But, if she laughs at every thing you say, you are winner.If a woman does not find your jokes funny, just run ooo.

4. She admires you often:
She always comment on how you look and is always positive about it, then she is in love. But, if she doesn’t care about how you look, just run ooooo. When she makes it a norm to always smile at your looks, then she is in love. Even if you use the best perfume in the world, and she
does not compliment you, then there is no feeling of her towards you. A woman in love will compliment the cheapest perfume the guy she loves uses.

5. If you’re with other girls she gets jealous:
She is the habit of always asking you ‘ who is that girl to you?’. Or If she sees you in a very close interaction with a
girl and she begins to act up, she is in love. But, If a woman is not concerned about how many women you carry in a
day, my brother run oooooo, she no send you.

6. She likes spending time with you:
It is not a big deal if she wants to meet you nearly everyday to spend some quality time with you. She can even be
climbing your family house barb-wired fence to just to see you. But, if she is always giving excuses on why she cant
make it repeatedly, lol, just run ooooo.

7. She touches you often:
Do you think it is only guys that do the touching? Once a woman is in love, touching you would be like her in heaven.
That urge to always want to feel you and touch you will be so strong in her that she would sometimes unconsciously want to cling herself to you. But, if a woman sees you as repulsive, anytime, you are with her she is distant as if you have body odour, run ooooo.

8. She exposes the every single thing of her life:
Women are too emotional by nature. They are created to be so. If a girl begins to share her joys and pain with you.
If she give you every detail of her life, like her past relationships, family issues e.t.c, they she is emotionally attached with you. But if a woman tells you, ‘ why are you asking me?’ OR ‘what is your business?’, run oooo.

9. Staring at you and only you:
she’s is paying full attention on you. If her eyes are totally focused on you while conversation, then congrats bro, it
clearly indicates that she is genuinely thinking about you. And she is actually on your radar, when she is licking her
lips while deep-eye contact. But, if she is like , Oga, abeg be fast now, i have something else doing, without even a Gaze at you, sorry oooo.

10. She cares for you:
If she always ask about your day and how your day fared. If she ask about your change in mood, to inquire, if everything is fine with you, My brother, you are the king of her heart. But, if she sees you with a bandage and just say sorry and move on without asking what happened,just run ooooo.

This are conscious and and unconscious signs that a woman really loves you.

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