Video: Watch as This Heartless Man Used His Mother as Human Shield to Stop another Man Moving His Tractor in India


Video gone viral on social media of a heartless son who used his mother as a human shield to stop another man moving his tractor in India was caught on video.

In the footage, the son is seen dragging his frail and elderly mother like a sack of potatoes across the ground before he threw her in front of the tractor in a bid to stop the driver from moving forward. When she tries to crawl away, he grabs her and drags her back in front of the tractor and throws her around to make sure that the tractor is immobilized.

Heartless son uses his elderly mother as a human shield to stop another man from moving his tractor in India

Officers say the footage was filmed in the western Indian village of Mungla, in Maharashtra’s Washim district, on June 21.

According to reports, the heartless son was caught up in a land dispute with the other man who was driving the tractor. The matter had reportedly been decided by a local court in favor of the tractor driver from the Raut family, who had then set out to cultivate his land.

Watch the video below.

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