(Video) Brave Woman Stops a Thief From Stealing Her SUV By Climbing On Bonnet In Wisconsin

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Melissa Smith, 28, from Wisconsin,US was pumping petrol near downtown Milwaukee when a thief try to steal her SUV but she stopped the thief from stealing it by jumping on its hood and clinging to the com/2017/05/26/recorded-attack-daycare-worker-charged-with-torturing-baby-to-death-in-maryland/">windshield wipers as the man tried to drive away in her vehicle.

In an interview with BBC, Melissa Smith admits it may not have been the best thing to do, but says it was a gut decision to stop the carjacking on Tuesday afternoon.

The frustrated thief who came with his gang members and couldn’t stand the woman’s braveness ultimately gave up and got away in a car waiting for him in the parking lot, leaving Melissa to run after her moving vehicle.
The video below shows Melissa at a petrol station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, filling her car with gas when a thief jumped in her car and tried to drive away.
Watch the video at this link
Video credit: BBC News

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