This Monster Raped Girlfriend’s 4-Year-Old Boy To Death


A Pennsylvania monster is accused of allegedly raping and killing his girlfriend’s 4-year-old son while his mum is accused of helping him to escape.

The 20-years-old young man, Keith Jordan Lambing was caught by police in Pittsburgh, in the US, a day after the tragic death of his girlfriend’s son Bentley Miller.It was reported that the Monster was asked by his girlfriend to take care of her son,on March 21, because she had to go to work.

After Mackenzie Peters left for work, Jordan called his mother, Kristen Harold, 43, that same morning, telling her that Bentley was in need of medical attention.

4-year-old Bentley Miller

Officers found little Bentley unconscious in the car of Kristen Herold, Lambing’s mother on Tuesday morning.

He was rushed to hospital but died as a result of multiple injuries including internal bleeding.

Prosecutors say a post-mortem exam confirmed the boy had been brutally raped. He had also suffered a number of other injuries including bruises to his neck and body.

He was charged with criminal homicide, rape of a child, aggravated indecent assault of a child, and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse causing serious bodily injury. Bentley’s mother was at work at the time of the incident, and investigators do not suspect she had any involvement in his death. She was charged with child endangerment and hindering apprehension.

The boy’s mother, Mackenzie Peters, was at work when the assault took place, yet police said she may be charged in the future as well, though what charges are unclear. Lambing was already facing charges of burglary, criminal trespass, and conspiracy as well as terroristic threats and harassment, and had failed to show up for a court appointment the day before the boy’s murder.

Jordan mother, Kristen Harold, 43

He had been arrested for retail theft in 2013 and had a bench warrant out for required payments as restitution. There is a possibility that the prosecutor may seek the death penalty for Lambing.

The baby Mackenzie and Jordan have together has been placed in protective custody.

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