Officials : 1 Dead After a Private Jet Crashed into Georgia Home


A small private jet has crashed into a home Marietta home Friday evening, about two and a quarter miles away from the end of the runway at Cobb County International Airport.

Fox 5 news report that it happened around 7:20 p.m and the plane was believed to be traveling from Wilmington, Delaware, made a distress call shortly before the crash. The NTSB is expected to arrive sometime Saturday morning.

The Federal Aviation Administration reports that the crash involved an aircraft en-route to Fulton County Airport. Spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said that the aircraft went down east of Cobb County International Airport/McCollum Field.

According the residents in the neighborhood, said they witnessed the plane as it came down while they were hanging out in their backyard.

“I look up and I see a plane, i don’t hear it, i just see it first, and I see it do a spin,” said Hunter Scoggins. “It went over its nose and we just all covered our ears because we thought it would be loud.”

“I noticed they were looking up in the sky and I see a plane going straight down, it was going down in a corkscrew fashion, it was really slow, I couldn’t hear an engine,” said John Perry.

At the time of the crash, the family who lives around the area were at church. They were shocked when they returned back to their subdivision to discover their home completely on fire.

A Cessna Citation I aircraft is about 43 feet long with a 47 foot wingspan. The small-sized business jet can hold five passengers and two crew members.


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