New Duggar Sex Scandal: Man, 46, Who Got ‘3-years Sentence For Anally Penetrating Strip-Club Worker Without Her Consent’

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Another sex scandal involving the Duggar family again! After it was revealed that their live-in tutor Tabitha Paine, 31 is engaged to a 46-year-old Timothy Robertson who was convicted of anally penetrating his roommate who worked in a strip club without her consent.

According to report by Dailymail, a court documents was obtained where details of how Timothy Robertson, 46, was accused of sexual battery while living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina back in December of 1999.

On the day when the incident occurred, Robertson walked into a room while a female ‘was laying face down on her bed, placed himself on top of her and made penis penetration into her anus without her consent,’ according to the arrest warrant in the case.

Dailymail also report that he ultimately pleaded guilty to criminal sexual conduct in the third degree and received a three-year prison sentence that was suspended by the judge, who instead gave him one year of probation and ordered him to pay $943 in restitution.

Robertson was also placed on the sex offender registry, but later taken off in 2008 when he was pardoned of his crime by the South Carolina Board of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services.

Past troubles: In 2000, Robertson was convicted of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree for engaging in anal sex with his roommate without her consent (Robertson in his photo from the sex offender registry above)

Robertson in his photo from the sex offender registry above in past troubles in 2000

He now claims he was ‘falsely accused’ of the crime, and thanks prayer with getting him off the sex registry.

The Duggars certainly seem to believe Roberston, having thrown an engagement party for him and his bride-to-be at their Arkansas home.

In a message posted on his Facebook page Monday, Roberston told his side of the story.

‘I lived with a young lady who worked in a strip club and her boyfriend. One day after drinking all day and part of the night, the girl and I ended up in a situation together because her boyfriend had left to get food,’ wrote Robertson.

‘He came back sooner than we thought so I left her room and got in another part of the house. He wondered what was going on so I was accused of assaulting this young lady.

‘I was given advice from a very good attorney to take a plea bargain which would put me on a registry for sex offenders. I was afraid of prison so I took his advice. I never spent one day in jail but had a record.’

Robertson went on to write that in 2003 ‘God began to deal with me about my eternal soul’ and he learned to change his ways after years of ‘drinking ,drugs, and partying.’

He began going to church and praying, which is why he believes he was eventually pardoned and taken off the sex registry.

‘When my court date finally came, the attorney told me that it probably would not get taken care of the first time in court but God had given me a verse: Psalms 118:8 It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. I believed this verse and clave to it,’ wrote Robertson.

‘My pastor and a number of people who know me wrote character letters about me and five people from my church went to South Carolina with me.

‘When we finally got in to set before the council of judges and presented my case to them, they excused us out of the room to get back with me after their ruling. It seemed like forever but after about ten minutes they came out and said to go home.

‘My Pardon had been granted and all my rights had been re-instated. God took me off this registry and took away this record and did it two years earlier than I was told it could be done.’

He now hopes that his story being made public can serve as a guide to others looking to turn their lives around.

‘I love my fiancée. And I think the Duggars are a fabulous family. That’s all I need to put out there,’ Robertson said

 ‘When these young people party and drink they do silly, stupid stuff! A whole bunch of ’em was drinking that day. They was drinking all day long and it was just a big mess,’ His mother, Ruby Ann Robertson, commented on his arrest, saying.

Meanwhile, his bride-to-be commented on Robertson’s Facebook post sharing his side of the story by writing: ‘Love you dear! So grateful for your open, sincere heart. God bless your future ministry!’


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