Georgia Woman, 27, Charged With Murder For Abandoning Her Ex-Boyfriend In The Wood To Freeze To Death

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A 27-year-old woman in Georgia, identified as Kate Coursey has been charged with the murder of her ex-boyfriend, 33 year old Troymaine Johnson for allegedly abandoning her disabled ex-boyfriend out into a secluded area in the woods last month and left him there to freeze to death. The motive of her action has not been known.

According to Upson County Sheriff Dan Kilgore. Coursey has been charged with felony murder and neglect of a disabled adult after allegedly pushing him out of her car and leaving him at a hunting camp to fend for himself.

The sheriff’s office found him after receiving a tip from Coursey’s brother and sister-in-law, who told them Coursey said she had left a man in the woods.

At the time, she was taken into custody for an outstanding probation warrant and not charged in his death pending the results of the autopsy.

Woman, 27, charged with killing disabled ex-boyfriend by leaving him to freeze to death in the woods (photos)

Her ex-boyfriend, Troymaine Johnson, was reportedly last seen alive on March 14 and later found dead on March 17.
The GBI Crime Lab determined Johnson’s cause of death was homicide due to hypothermia.

Kilgore said Coursey reportedly crashed through a gate to access the secluded area before leaving Johnson, who couldn’t use both his legs as well as one arm, alone and helpless along a dirt road where temperatures dipped below zero at night.

He added: “He was totally immobile. There was absolutely no way he’d be able to get out of there or call for help. That would have been a very painful way to meet your demise.” Police are conducting further investigations to establish the motive of the of the alleged murder.

Johnson, who was affectionately known as “Troy,” is remembered as a talented rapper as well as a funny and kindhearted man, WMAZ-TV reported.

“He could just see somebody and start rapping about them right off the top,” his cousin Sade Owens told the television station.


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