British DJ Sentence To Jail In Tunisia For Playing Muslim Call To Prayer In a Club

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A British DJ has been sentenced to a year in jail by a Tunisian court after he played a dance remix of the Muslim call to prayer.

Berlin-based DJ Dax J, whose real name is Dax Heddon, played the song in a Tunisian nightclub last week during the Orbit Festival in Tunisia’s northeastern town of Nabeul which has caused a lot of controversy on social media after he played song at the event on Friday.

According to a BBC report, DJ Dax J has been charged with offending public morality and public indecency, but was no longer in the country to appear before the court, and so is unlikely to actually serve his prison term.

DJ Dax J later took to his Facebook page to apologize after receiving threatening messages from Muslims and was later forced to delete his account.

The club was shut down after footage of Heddon’s set was shared on social media and caused national outrage. In the video, revelers are seen dancing to a track containing the call for prayer, which is issued from mosques five times a day.

The court dismissed charges against the nightclub owner and the event’s organizer but sentenced the DJ in his absence to a year in jail, the prosecution has since appealed arguing both should have audited the DJ’s set beforehand.

“We will not allow attacks against religious feelings and the sacred,local governor Mnaouer Ouertani told AFP news agency after the club was closed.

The Tunisia’s religious affairs ministry in a statement said: ‘Mocking the opinions and religious principles of Tunisians is absolutely unacceptable.’

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