A Matador Antonio Romero Anus Punctured 11 Inches Deep By a Bull,Undergoes Anal Reconstructing Surgery (Photo &Video)


A 38-year-old Matador anus was completely destroyed by a bull named Caporal and he is currently recuperating at a hospital after undergoing Anal reconstructing surgery. Matador Antonio Romero was in Mexico city’s bull ring when the incident happened. He was punctured 11 inches deep in his rectal area by the bull, during an annual bull-running celebration in Mexico City last Sunday.

He was quickly rushed to a hospital after the gruesome incident left his anal sphincter damaged leaving him in a need for urgent surgery to restore his anus to its previous state.

According to Daily Star the sidelined matador said ‘I have faith and hope to feel again and show that I want to be someone important in the Fiesta Brava [bullflighting].’

The unfortunate incident happened on the street in Teulada, a small coastal town on Spain’s Costa Blanca, during the annual bull-running celebration.

A paramedic was quoted to have said:

‘It is a serious and deep goring approximately 30 centimetres.’ Confirming this, Dr Rafael Vázquez related that the Bull identified as Caporal  left a ‘very, very serious damage to” Romero’s ‘anorectal region.”

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