107- Year Old Italian Mansion in North Carolina Has Been Abandoned For Decades, See The Interior Photos

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The Italian-style mansion in North Carolina which has been crumbling away for decades was made known by a photographer called Summer King,25. The mansion is near Red Springs, North Carolina and is 107 years old but its elderly owner passed away decades ago,  However, it was recently bought by a man who hopes to restore it to its former glory.

According to Summer King,He said ‘The house was built for an Italian woman and her two children. The woman lived there until she got too old to tend to it any longer. After she moved the house sat vacant. There are rooms hidden behind rooms in this house. I found myself getting lost just walking around it. ‘I hear the laughter of children and the mystery of lost memories hiding inside these decrepit walls.

See more photos below..

Photographer Summer King said: 'I hear the laughter of children and the mystery of lost memories hiding inside these decrepit walls'In one image we see a decrepit but colorful kitchen filled with crockery and it's not hard to imagine a busy kitchen as servants prepare meals for the wealthy family'You can find the beauty in anything if you're looking,' says photographer Summer King'The layout and design of this house is intriguing to everyone that sees it,' explains photographer Summer King
Photo Credit: Summer King


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