Woman on the Run Two Years after Poisoning Husband’s Cereal to Avoid Having Sex With Him

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A WOMAN poisoned her husband’s Lucky Charms cereal, energy drinks and whipped cream with cockroach-killing toxin — to get out of having sex with him.

Andrea Heming, 49, pleaded guilty two years ago to poisoning her husband’s food, claiming he had unwanted sex with her while she was sleeping.

The chemical is often used to kill cockroaches. The man suffered from diarrhea and nose bleeds for months before he realized what was happening

“I wouldn’t use that much to kill him, but just enough to make him not have an erection,” she told cops in 2015, according to a police report obtained by KSNV.

Police believe she fled the US state of Nevada the night before her sentencing and is now apparently living in Mexico.

“I was very surprised,” her ex-husband, identified by KSNV only as “Ralph”, said. “I thought we had a better system of keeping track and holding people responsible.”

“I had been getting sick awhile back. Like six to eight months. I got stomach cramps,” Ralph said.

Ralph, who is now living in California and shocked his ex remains on the lam, said Heming often displayed erratic behaviour.

“She did reveal to me a story where she was a flight attendant at one time, and she had a customer — you know a passenger who was she said was unruly. She actually put sedatives in her drink,” he said.

If caught, Heming could face up to 15 years in prison.


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