Two ‘privileged’ Nigerians battered fellow student with shisha pipe in UK

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Two rich Nigerian youth battered a fellow student with a shisha pipe after getting into a quarrel over who has a richer father.

According to Daily Mail, Elvis Ilonze attacked his childhood friend Prince Nnaji in the flat they co-habit in Brighton, East Sussex, UK.

The flatmates who had known each other from Nigeria came at odds when Nnaji suggested that he had the richer father which prompted Ilonze to “teach him a lesson”.

As Nnaji sought to escape from the flat, Ilonze and his friend Daniel Oluyemi chased after him and beat him with a wine bottle.

The incident was said to have taken place in April 2017.

Louanna Rayawa, Nnaji’s girlfriend, was pushed to the ground by Ilonze when she tried to intervene.

Ilonze and Oluyemi also assaulted a law student Chiedozie Dibiagwu, 23, who witnessed the incident.

Ilonze, 20, and 24-year-old Oluyemi pleaded guilty to two counts of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.

The presiding judge, Christine Laing, spared the offenders, suspending a one-year custodial sentence for 18 months to give them “one last chance”.

The judge said: “Unlike many of the people who pass through the courts you both come from, effectively, backgrounds of privilege.

“It couldn’t be more childish, effectively an insult on somebody’s parents – who’s got the richer dad – that started this fight.

“You both appear to be incredibly immature, perhaps as a result of being cosseted in your upbringing.”

Laing added that the pair of them, though immature, have “much to contribute to society”.

Ilonze and Oluyemi thanked the judge for sparing them from going tosought


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