Two Homosexual Caught in The Act in a Guest House in Ghana

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Two suspected homosexuals were on Sunday caught in the act at a guest house (name withheld) in Keneshie, Ghana. The suspects, an 18-year-old Senior High School student and his partner 28 were caught by the receptionist of the hotel, Ghanaweb reported.

According to her, the duo arrived at the hotel on Sunday claiming they were traveling to Takoradi in the Western region on a business trip but needed a place to pass the night and continue the following day.
The receptionist attended to them and went to get them water they had requested it but on her return, she knocked at the door but no one responded. She said she only heard some moaning and groaning that was coming from the room. When she opened the door which was not locked she saw the 28-year-old mounting the teenager from behind and screamed. Her screams attracted other staff of the guest house, who all rushed into the room to catch a glimpse of what was happening.

Keneshie police were immediately notified and came to arrest the suspects who are currently being investigated.


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