Prefects Who Oversaw Bullying at Alliance High School Receive Punishment

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– After the horrifying cases of bullying at the Alliance High School emerged, Education CS intervened and now the culprits have been punished

– Form one students at the prestigious academic giant recorded of how they had been beaten up with sticks, electricity cords and forced to lie by the grave yards at night

– One student has been reduced to walking in crutches after he was clobbered by a team of the school’s prefects in the dead of the night

Alliance High School has reportedly punished all the prefects who participated in bullying their juniors at the Alliance High School.

Over 10 students were injured at the school at the hands of the powerful prefects. They had been beaten with an assortment of sticks, electricity cords and forced to lie by the grave yard.

On Thursday, March 2, the board of governors met the school staff and held a joint session with the students and teachers At least 10 school captains and prefects who oversaw the bullying were demoted. The fate of the teachers in charge of discipline at the schoo remains unknown. Police officers went to the school on the evening of Thursday, March 2 and carried out investigations, the Standard reports.

Some parents at the school have said that they are going to be transferring their kids for fear of a repeat of the same.

On Tuesday, February 28, a form one student was rushed to the Kikuyu PCEA mission hospital bleeding profusely.

He had suffered a horrid beating at the hands the school’s prefects.

Interestingly, the school had neither notified the board of governors nor followed protocol. The issue came to light during midterm when the guardians of the students notified the police.


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