Policeman Shoots Airforce Officer During Brawl in Imo state

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An Airforce officer has been hospitalised after getting shot by a police officer during a fight.

According to an eyewitness, the clash started when the Airforce officer, who is currently in the hospital, came to make use of the Automated Teller Machine, but one of the police officers guarding the bank allegedly resisted him

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The eyewitness noted added that the police officer denied the Airforce officer access to the ATM because he was bearing a firearm.

But this did not go down well with Airforce officer, who in his military camouflage resisted the police officer immediately.

This led to an argument which aggravated into a fight. In the process, the police officer allegedly shot the military officer.

It was gathered that the colleague of the shot Airforce officer regrouped and immediately stormed the bank premises, leading to a free for all fight and shooting by the police officers and the Airforce personnel.

However, it took the combined efforts of senior police officers and military police officers to calm the situation.

People hiding to observe the bloody fight

The shot Airforce officer was rushed to the hospital, where he was said to be recuperating, while First Bank branch where the incident occurred was shut down immediately, as armed policemen cordoned off the area.

Taiwo Lakanu, Imo state commissioner of police, said that he had yet to be briefed about the incident, when contacted for comments.


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