‘Phone of the Wind’ Used to Talk With DEAD Loved Ones in Japan (photos, video)

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A disconnected phone booth in Otsuchi, Japan, known as “the phone of the wind” is being used by many people to reach out to deceased loved ones.

It was set up by a local man identify as Itaru Sasaki who lost his cousin in the tragedy so he could talk to him one last time,this occurred when an earthquake hit japan 2011 which took the lives of 15000 people leaving many people mourning for the lost of their loved one.

Thousands use the 'Phone of the Wind' to talk with DEAD loved ones (photos, video)

“My thoughts couldn’t be relayed over a regular phone line. I wanted them to be carried on the wind,” Itaru said.

 Since then thousands of people have used “the phone of the wind” to cope with their losses.

Itaru stated: No matter how hard it is, hope makes life worth living.

Many locals began using the phone booth to talk to those they lost during the devastating earthquake that struck the region in 2011.

The 9.0 earthquake is best known for being the cause of a massive tsunami that caused the meltdown of the Fukushimi Daiichi powerplant. The earthquake and its after effects took the lives of over 15 000 people.


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