Nigerian student From Ogun State Runs Mad in After Reportedly Alighting from a luxury car


Strange things are often known to happen day in, day out. But no matter how many times they occur, they never cease to amaze the multitude of people because these weird happenings show just how much of the world lies way beneath the reach of the eyes.

In line with this thought, an incident recently happened in a remote environment in Nigeria which is setting many people at ill ease. A Nigerian lady has been reported mad after she alighted from a luxury car.

According to Twitter user @manlikeDee1, the said lady immediately ran mad after coming down from a Lexus jeep. The Nigerian who insinuated that she must have been jinxed from an outing with the wrong set of people also took the opportunity to weigh in on the issue.

From the words of the guy, several parties were to be blamed for the incident that happened to the lady. Although @manlikeDee1 did not think it right to share the video of the lady, he gave a detailed information about his view on what happened to the girl.

Even more, the Twitter user shared a picture of the girl who was found sitting at the edge of a gutter and displaying several antics that showed that she was not in her right senses

A little more digging and @manlikeDee1 was able to gather that the said lady who is now mad is named Blessing and she was actually a student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba which is located in Ondo state.

However, she was found in Ijebu Ode, a place located in Ogun state. This piece of information made many more people insinuate that whatever was done to her was very deliberate and her present location was all in the plan.

Many have taken to commenting on the sorry plight of the lady. While some talked about what had led her into the circumstance, others proffered solution to the problem.


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