New Invisible Mode on Dating App That Allows Users to Avoid colleagues


Dating apps have opened the doors for those looking for love (or lust) so that they can easily meet new people with a simple swipe to the right.

However, navigating the complex world of online dating can become awkward when you come across colleagues or even your boss, individuals with whom you may only otherwise have a professional relationship.

That’s why dating app Happn has developed a new in-app feature called “invisible mode”, which allows its users to temporarily conceal their profiles at specific points during the day.

Users can customise the feature as they wish, enabling the “invisible mode” for as long as eight hours at a time or scheduling it to activate during office hours in preparation for the working week ahead.

While one in five Brits are likely to meet their significant others at work, many may understandably prefer to keep business and pleasure separate, as explained by head of trends at Happn Claire Certain.

Due to the nature of our app we wanted to offer this option to people who were at odds with always having their profile visible to others,” she said.

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