3 Little Siblings Abandoned at Home Alone While Their Parents Are in Prison.

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Three siblings have been abandoned at their home in Mushin while their parents have been arrested and remanded in prison custody in Lagos. The parents, Taofik Aremu and Latifat Aremu  were arraigned before a Lagos Task Force and Magistrate court respectively for two separate offenses and have been remanded in prison for the past 5 weeks.

The ordeal of the embattled parents started after Taofik was arrested by the Lagos State Task Force while he was at work. He was arraigned and remanded at a prison in Badagry. Soon after, his wife, Latifat, had a disagreement with their landlady over rent and she was taken to the Olosan Police station in Mushin.

While Taofik was remanded at a prison in Badagry, the wife was charged before Ogba Magistrate court where she was granted bail in the sum of N50,000 but there was nobody to stand as her sureties due to lack of funds so she was kept at Kirikiri prison pending when she meets her bail conditions. She’s reportedly been there for five weeks now.

According to P.M. Express, their children, Kudirick, 4, and twins Taiye and Kehinde, 2, are left to their fate at 13 Agoro street, Mushin where they reside. The landlady, Iyabola Oladokun, reportedly asked Latifat to move out of her house despite having an existing one year rent, an argument ensued afterward and she went to report her to the police.

When the case was heard in court on Thursday, the couple’s neighbors brought the kids for their mother to take them to prison, but she was not allowed to do so and she wept before being taken back into custody. The case has been adjourned till 15 April 2017.



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