Licensed Aviation Instructor Seeks Review of Charter Flight Laws


Foremost Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensed Aircraft Dispatcher and Ground Instructor, Mrs. Victoria Adegbe, has called for a review of the laws guiding Charter Flight Operations so that Aircraft Dispatchers can be mandated to ensure safety.

Featuring as the only speaker representing West and North Africa at the 6th Safety in African Aviation Conference held in Kigali, Rwanda, on September 13 -14, 2018, she stated that the safety rule in commercial aviation was the aircraft dispatcher, however, in the case of Charter flights; the dispatcher only has delegated functions but not responsibilities that ensure safety.

She noted that the law guiding General Aviation, which applies to Charter Flights, should henceforth be reviewed to include Aircraft Dispatch responsibilities, that is, in her words; “if we are serious about the issue of Aviation safety.”

Participants at the confab were astounded with her shocking revelations attesting to the fact that safety is only possible in aviation with the Aircraft Dispatcher sharing equal and joint responsibility with the pilot for every flight.

To this end therefore, Adegbe urged Civil Aviation Authorities in Africa and beyond to consider, adopt and ensure that such a recommendation is enforced in the interest of safety in the African skies and further afield.

Mrs. Victoria Adegbe is the CEO of Inselnetworks, an Abuja based aviation consultancy and training firm. She was the first female dispatcher to be employed by Arik Air and author of several books including; “Dispatch Made Easy-An Aircraft Dispatch Handbook 1st and 2nd Editions” (available on Amazon and Smashwords), “Atami” (An Igala Epic tale); and very recently published in the United States by AuthorHouse, the daring and seemingly controversial book titled, “Pilots Are Idiots” which is purely on Aviation safety.

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