Italian Man Burns Homeless Man Alive Over Love

An Italian Man who fatally set fire to a homeless man has confessed to murder, saying he was did it out of jealousy.
The culprit, Giuseppe Pecoraro who is a petrol pump attendant admitted pouring petrol on Marcello Cimino and setting him alight outside a mission run by Capucin monks in Palermo, Sicily.
According to the Local police report, Mr. Pecoraro, thought the victim was pursuing his wife.
Before committing the ungodly act, CCTV footage captured Pecoraro pouring a bucket of petrol on  Cimino’s bedding while he slept before setting him ablaze.
CCTV footage showed the assailant being nearly engulfed by the blaze

CCTV footage showed the assailant being nearly engulfed by the blaze

Emergency services were called by neighbours to the scene on hearing Cimino screaming but by the time they arrived Mr.Cimino had died.
The attacker who mistakenly burnt his hands in the blaze was arrested on Saturday, less than 24 hours after the crime.
Palermo Mayor Leoluca Orlando described the murder as an “act of pure barbarism” and said he would lower the town hall flag to half-mast.
Mr. Pecoraro has been charged with murder.

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