Watch The Attempted burglars Who Were Caught by a Hidden Cameraman in Johannesburg (Video)

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A funny video was taken in South Africa of three men trying to break into a house in Johannesburg in broad daylight.

Unknown to the robbers, they are being recorded by a hidden cameraman who alerts them to his presence with a knowing cough.


The three bemused men froze when they realise they were being filmed‚ before nervously turning to each other and taking to their heels.

The incident took place on 8th Street in the suburb of Orange Grove. Chairperson of the Norwood Community Policing Forum Wandile Yani said:

‘It is clear that they have no respect for the law.  They have no respect for anyone, seeing that they can do this in the middle of the day.’

But Mr Yani was left in anger by the lack of police response. He added:

‘All the police stations have a crime prevention unit. Where were the police? Where was the police car? This is not crime prevention.’

Watch the video below…


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