Video- Nigerian Man Stripped Naked and Brutalized, Hitting his Penis By South African Police, for not Having His Driving License

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A disturbing video has emerged online showing a Nigerian man stripped naked in public and brutalized by South African Police. This has caused public outrage amongst Nigerians.

The video, which was shared by HRM Eze NdigboSa on Facebook shows the naked man being rough handled by uniformed officers in South Africa.

“Hey, he’s killing me oh, he’s killing me, he’s killing me. I did not do anything to him oh. He’s killing me,” the naked man screamed with thick Igbo accent as he was being forced into the Metro police official car.

All of a sudden, the man screams out in pain, “Hey!!! He’s distorting my dick. Hey, hey, hey…”

The camera zooms in at this point and the hand of the officer can be seen fondling with the naked man’s genitalia.

According to Eze NdigboSa, the reason for the ill-treatment was that the man didn’t have his driver’s license. He reportedly told hem it was with a friend.

He wrote: “Nigeria government see what South African Government are doing to Nigeria in South Africa, naked him, heating him on his penis because of driving Licence of which his friend said he got. Black Africa are Selevery in South Africa, Exenophobia is better than slave. Why South African forces is very wicked towards Nigeria in South Africa why?”

Heartbreaking video shows naked Nigerian man being brutalized and hit on the penis by South African police for not having a drivers license

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