Video Captures Mortuary Attendant Sexually Assaulting Late Ghanaian Singer Ebony’s Corpse

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Happenings: A mortuary attendant at Bechem Government Hospital was caught on video sexually assaulting the body of late Ghanaian singer Ebony who died in an accident earlier this month.

In the viral video, the mortuary attendant is seen fondling the corpse of Ebony and that of her very good friend, Franklina Nkansah Kuri, who died alongside Ebony in the same accident on February 8. As he touched them, another mortuary attendant filmed. 

In the video, the attendant, believed to be the head of the Bechem Government Hospital Mortuary, is seen with a rubber-gloved hand handling the bodies for the video to be shot, touching the bodies of the late Ebony and her friend inappropriately. While touching Ebony’s body, the attendant extended his hand down to touch and play with her navel piercing rings. As he did that, he called for his assistant to shoot well.

Earlier in the video, the attendant held Kuri’s head and looked at her face, then he is heard saying: “Unbelievable! Life is too short… I have taken footage of it.”

Another person is heard saying: “If I see it on social media, I will hold you responsible because I won’t share it.”

The attendant was later seen in the video fondling Ebony’s breasts and private part. This continued till the attendant filming asked him to take off his hands so he could better film her private part. It appears there were more than two persons involved in the insensitive act.

After the video went viral, members of the public were outraged and asked that the attendants be fished out and punished. Ebony’s father and her management have threatened to take legal actions against Bechem Government Hospital Mortuary. Speaking in an interview with Hitz FM’s Ibrahim Ben-Bako, the father of the late singer said such an act is unacceptable.


Mortuary attendant caught sexually assaulting late singer Ebony

Mortuary attendant caught sexually assaulting late singer Ebony

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