Inmate Convert From Islam To Christain, Moved By The Humility Exhibited By The Man Of God


The overall general of Port Harcourt maximum security prison Mr. Adeosun Kazeem has denounced his faith after celebrating birth with the General Overseer of Apostolic Army, Bishop Winning Willy Bunting. According to him, he was abandoned by his family members, friends and Muslim faithful immediately he was convicted.

Bunting had celebrated his 55th Birthday with convicted inmates in Port Harcourt prisons over the weekend and was also instrumental to the change in the prisoner.

Vanguard reprt that, Kazeem, who was convicted of murder while in Nigerian Army in 2007, on Friday rejected his faith and accepted to be a Christian. Speaking during the Vote of Thanks, Kazeem, noted that he resolve to accept Jesus due to the love he received from Christians.

According to him, only Christians remembered and showed him love while in tribulation, going further, Kazeem praised the man of God, insisting that the humility exhibited by the Bishop was also instrumental in his faith switch.

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