Despite poor performances, Arsenal, Chelsea want more TV money

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The fight of the ‘Big Six’ for more Premier League TV rights money is set to be resumed in June. 

Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore has told clubs he wants the controversial issue resolved at their summer meeting to end any uncertainty going into next season.

However, the chances of the 20 clubs reaching the 14-6 majority needed look slim as entrenched positions have not changed since a meeting to break the impasse was postponed in October because there was no hope of a solution.

The proposal had been for 35 per cent of the overseas TV income, which is currently shared equally, to be rewarded on a sliding scale via position in the league table.

The top six clubs — Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool — claim they should have a greater share because they are the teams that generate more interest abroad.

It is understood Everton, Leicester and West Ham are on their side.

The rest of the top flight strongly believe the league’s strength is a collective approach — especially as it looks like an increase in overseas rights will be needed to compensate for the drop in domestic money.


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