British Brothers Who Grew up in Nigeria now Selling ‘Ikoyi Chapmans’ in UK


Mike and Garry Robinson, two brothers from Leamington, are selling a Nigerian drink known as ‘Ikoyi Chapmans’ in the UK.

The brothers grew up with their parents in Nigeria where they fell in love with the drink made with citrus fruit and bitters.

Mike and Garry returned to the UK to attend boarding school but they often returned to Nigeria during holidays — and they always had Ikoyi Chapmans each time they came back.

“After leaving school, Garry and I both became professional squash players but it has always been our dream to commercially produce this drink,” Mike told Leamington Courier.

Following their retirement from playing professional squash about five years ago, they embarked on the quest pursue their dream.

“We went to various drinks companies, but many only want an energy drink or a fruit drink,” Mike said.

“We were taking them a drink that had a unique taste.”

Dohler, a drinks company, eventually bought into their vision.

By April, after a bit of experimentation with the flavour and finding a bottling company, the first bottles finally came off the production line.

Ikoyi Chapmans is currently being sold in a few bars and cafes in Leamington and Warwick, and their ultimate goal is to get it on supermarket shelves.

“It was a long, drawn-out process, so it was emotional to see our drink go round the bottling line,” said Mike.

“We were just absolutely elated – we can’t believe it.

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