Am I still a virgin?

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I am a 16-year-old student. I have never had s3x before and do not want to have it until I am married, in accordance with my faith. Instead of this, I masturbate once in a while when I feel like having s3x. I want to know if despite this am I still a virgin?.

Technically, a virgin is someone who hasn’t had s3xual intercourse. So masturbation has no effect on your virginity. But the concerns with masturbation are that it can become a habit that leads you further from your faith, fills your mind with impure thoughts and makes your virginity a lot more difficult to keep.

When you masturbate, you’re focusing on s3x. You’re imagining what it would be like. You might even be thinking about s3x with a particular person. All that thinking keeps s3x in the forefront of your brain (it’s usually only a row or two back as it is!). So, when you’re on a date or alone with someone you like, those s3xual thoughts make it difficult to think about anything else. And when you focus on s3x, you’re a lot more likely to end up having s3x.

So be busy with sports, reading and making friends from both s3xes. These will  keep your mind on noble, pure, admirable and others-focused things instead of s3x and self-focused things—and masturbation is one of the most self-focused things in the world.



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