Abomination-Father Caught Having Sex With His Own Biological Daughter in Zambia

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An abominable act has happened in Zambia,when a 45-year old man identify as Enock Mweene was caught having sex with his own biological daughter in the district of Magoye in Zambia

Enock Mweene is a father of seven children and was in the habit of sleeping with his own biological daughters and nieces when they went to visit.

On this faithful day he was caught by his wife who called people in the community to come and witness the act, Mr. Mweene admitted having sex with his own biological daughters and relatives charging that he was preparing them for marriage.

Mr. Mweene and his three daughters have been having sexual activities for more than two years since 2015, According to eye witnesses.

“We are shocked with this man, rumors were all over that he is sleeping with his daughters, till today when we witnessed it, he was right on top of his second daughter” a source said.

And when the community started beating him up, Mr. Mweene confirmed that he was sleeping with his three daughters charging that he was preparing them for marriage.

“I am preparing my daughters for marriage; this is my move to prepare them for marriage. Don’t beat me up”pleaded the man.


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