A Heartbroken Mum, Whose Baby Died Hours after Birth Spends 3 Days Cuddling Her Dead Child

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Becki Wilson, a 27 year old mother from Stockport, lost her child 16 hours after birth. But she refuses to let go of the diseased baby boy not ready to let go. She spent three days with the diseased child in cuddle cot.

It was earlier reported warned by her doctor that her child was not going to live long. They recommended termination.

But Wilson refused to terminate her pregnancy despite doctor’s advice, and instead resorted to doing the following when the child died after birth.

And now, based on her experience, she is out to help women who have lost their babies but still want to stay with them a little longer.

Wilson’s son, Carter James, died at Wythenshawe Hospital. She stayed with him for three days. She, however, had to use cuddle cot, a special blanket that is used to keep the baby at an appropriate temperature.

Heartbreaking! Mother whose baby died hours after birth spends 3 DAYS cuddling her dead child

“Thanks to cuddle cot, I was able to spend three days with my son. I got to dress him, wash him and stare at him for hours like any other mother would. It is an experience that I will never forget,” says Wilson.

She adds that being able to do that made a dramatic difference. In her own admission, she felt like she was able to be a mum.

Wilson had reportedly been informed by doctors that she was likely to lose her baby. The medics suggested that she terminates the pregnancy at 25 weeks, but she refused.

She says she could feel the baby kicking in her womb, and therefore wanted to give him the best chance possible. Unfortunately, James died shortly after he was born.

As a consolation to the heartbroken mum, the diseased baby was wrapped with cuddle cot so that he could last longer and as per the mother’s wishes.

The mother later discovered that the cuddle cots were in short supply at the hospital, and she was very lucky to find one.

Heartbreaking! Mother whose baby died hours after birth spends 3 DAYS cuddling her dead child

“It broke my heart, so I decided to launch a fundraising appeal to help the hospital buy more cots so that grieving mothers would not go without them,” says Wilson.

She is hoping to support mothers who lose their babies after birth by giving them same comforting experience she had when she lost her own baby.

Watch video of how a mother’s love brought her newborn son back to life:


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